A platform in which
anybody can create anything

We integrate data and partner technologies in one platform to create
Human Digital Genome, offering a one-stop shop API service to our customers

We are on a mission to scale human potential. Let's spread our DNA by millions of times in our lifetime.


our team

World class researching unlocking.


Creativity and productivity without effort in a 360 ecosystem

One-stop shop

Production studios, ad agencies and any content creator can access licensed Digital Genome, create rich media and automate personalized output in one place.

Developer outlets

Innovators can publish and monetize their A.I. technologies in a ready to sell environment that handles data management, integration and the sales process.

Creative Tools

Users can unleash their creativity with the powerful Humans Studio tool for desktop, save time with the flexible Humans mobile app or take automation to the next level with API integration.

Open skills database

Anyone can license and monetize their digital likeness, voice, gestures, dance moves or any other skill and content creators can use any combination to create synthetic actors and highly personalized media assets.

Research &

We focus on driving outcomes and making a difference for our customers. Our interwoven teams collaborate to tackle a both bounded and unbounded problems, creating a richer, more efficient production process