Give your A.I. a global stage.

Integrate your technology in a platform that manages Digital DNA to create synthetic media.

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Monetise your tech

Get paid per use by content creators.


Get Real-life Data

Perfect your A.I with real-life implementations.


Ready to sell environment

Launch your tech as part of a full service product.

Why stop at understanding the world when you can create it with A.I.?

Humans integrates partner technologies and data from celebrities and real talent in one platform to capture Digital DNA, license it and empower content creators to make unlimited personalized media products.

We handle everything,
You focus on innovation

Data Management

We manage the data flows and security

Cloud Architecture

Deploy in a ready to use infrastructure

Sales Process

We take care of the full sales cycle

Monetise your technology by requests

Deploy to +200 Companies

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Launch your technology
in a 360 ecosystem

Mobile App

Automation is so simple, users can create and manage on the go.


Users can unleash their creativity with licensed Digital DNAs and hundreds of AI Skills.


Humans handles technology integration, security, data storage and processing.

Scale human potential with your technology and Digital DNA.

Make the most of your innovation,