Own back your digital DNA

You’re meant for something greater. With Humans you can express and monetize your Digital DNA to take charge of the data you share online and scale your talents for unlimited professional collaborations.

Digital DNA

noun, /dɪdʒɪt(ə)l dʒinəʊm/

Your digital likeness, such as appearance, voice, intonation, signature gestures and kinetic talents, captured faithfully in binary form; the basis to scale your talents and potential with the aid of Artificial Intelligence and automation; a way to achieve immortality.

Preserve your digital self

Record and upload your traits and skills on a secure online platform.


Scale your skills

It’s impossible to achieve your full potential if you have to be present in recording studios or on shooting sets for every collaboration. Your Digital DNA works for you brought to life by A.I.


Monetize your Digital DNA

License your digital likeness like you would license your image rights. Get access to a global network of studios and content creators looking for skills like yours.

Content creators
are looking for these skills

Generate your Digital DNA with Humans. Empower content creators to generate billions of media products that earn you money.

Humans Digital DNA
is unlimited

It’s eternal and it’s yours to own

Enlist in the Humans database and get more out of your online data.

An app to manage
your digital uniqueness

Upload and update your Humans assets just like you would curate your social media accounts.

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